dimanche, septembre 04, 2011


« Le Plus Gros Backsheesh Tour » is now finished. WE’RE ALL REALLY SAD. We drove 15.000 km, we played 31 shows in 11 countries (and crossed 6 countries without any shows in), 31 shows are minimum 31 guitar strings broken, we did 1 hit-and-run offence in Ukraine (sold with a backsheesh… yes we did it…!), Titi lost at Riga’s airport, Peno and Michael met at the same place, we enjoyed Zvera and Dziungles Festival in the mud this year again, we drank a thousand of beers (good or bad), Patoch finaly ate wheat several times, we saw some pole-strip-robot-dances, we saw some punkes in the van too, we met so many great people all over Europe, and our English accent is less and less disgusting (but still shitty!).

Thanks to all our friends for helped us out, booked us one or many shows, let us sleep at their place, or just hung out and drink with us,... a list name isn’t necessary, you know who you are, you are from Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and France !

Thanks to all of you, gotta see you next time!

We'll try to release a DVD, showing up our last 4 rockin' months (55 shows all over Canada, France and Eastern Europe)... we've got kind of 200 hours of stupid videos! LOVE!

(...I guess the 8 of us are now turning around our apartments, alone, crying and wondering what to do next...).

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