vendredi, septembre 13, 2013


Voyage voyage, fuck yeah, we celabrated our ten years birthday with our third eastern europe tour, driving 12.000 km, playing 20 shows in 22 nights in great countries, drinking vodka, sharing smiles and wet hugs !
Yeah, we liked it.
Yeah, we already miss it.
We'd like to thanks everyone involved in this. You know who you are : you helped us, accomodated us, fed us, came to our show, bought shits, had fun with us, enjoyed/hated our shows... YOU, THANKS SO MUCH.
Special thanks goes to Ilya & More than Music Booking and the crazy '13 touring team : Titi 'La Crampe', Pat, Cèd & Romain 'Malcolm' !
You guys are DEGUEULASSE.
Bisous bisous.


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